July 18, 2010

Short and Silly.

Tonight I made it about a quarter of the way through my latest knitting project (which is a gift, so I can't talk too much about it), which involved me picking up a new skill: Picking up stitches.

Which... probably could have been a very bad pun, but let's pretend it wasn't.

Adam bought 2 giant sized Bernat HandiCrafter Cotton Yarn balls in 2 different variations on the red, white and green theme of CHRISTMAS! That's right, I'm stocking up to start my Christmas Knitting. You're all getting wash cloths.

Just Kidding. Kinda... Maybe.

Also, I saved up enough gold to buy the Net Cannon trap in MouseHunt, which means I'm almost ready to head to the Tribal Isles, which is where someone of my rank should have been... well, months ago, really. I know, it's a silly little facebook game, but it made me happy.

These things make me feel like I accomplished something today. They make me feel like I've done something good.

Another thing that makes me happy is that Adam's suddenly taken up the habit of hand-winding my yarns into easily manageable, easily storable balls, rather than the oblong shapes they come in when you buy them. This makes me redonkulously happy. This means that some day soon, when I start buying yarn in twisty hanks, that he might be ok with sitting patiently with yarn looped over his hands while I wind it into a ball... or the other way around, which would also be cool. Swift? I don't need no stinkin Swift...

I got some library books the other day on making rock-star-esque hand bags and purses, which I"m loving. I also got a book about gifts and embellishments you can make in a weekend or less, which I'm also enjoying.

So... yeah. That's my night. I appreciate the simple things. Tomorrow we're going to walk to the store to get lettuce and to continue my hunt for KoolAid packets I can send to my RAKers around to world. Right now all I have is light blue and a nice strong primary/tropical blue. I think Sun Valley had a lime green colour...

That's all for now. G'night!

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