April 11, 2010

Just Thoughts...

On postsecret.com tonight, one of the secrets (midway down the page, if you're looking) says:

"Hope is sending out seventy unsolicited resumes...and still believing that next week will be better."

I felt a cold shiver when I read that. I so easily forget that I"m not the only one out there who is questioning what will come next for me. Every now and then I see threads of the real world; on Ravelry.com, there's a forum called "I Knit So I Don't Kill People", and one of those is about corporations that aren't hiring. One poster stated that she's been unemployed for 2 years.

2 years.

In 2 years, I'll be 28. most people have careers and are starting families by then. In 2 years I'll almost be 30. Hey, mom, didja see that? IN 2 YEARS I'LL ALMOST BE 30!!! In 2 years... where might I be? Will I still be scraping away in the North, working hard in this little town I've grown to love? Will I be re-discovering myself in Toronto with Adam, feeling my way through the big city, building up some street smarts? Will I be back home in London? Will I be doing anything even in my field? Will "my field" even be my field anymore?

Questions questions.

I think I need to read more. I think I need to think more.

I think I need to work harder.

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