December 15, 2009

And... I'm nuts.

Ok, so I'm starting to expand my skill set when it comes to knitting.  Which is to say I've re-introduced "purl" into my vocabulary. 

Suddenly a WHOLE NEW WORLD has opened to me: ribbing.

Holy.  Carp.

I went to the North Bay Hand-Knitters Guild meeting tonight.  It was super-awesome-happy-fun+food!  (and coffee... can ya tell?)  It was the Christmas party, and part of that, other than the show-and-tell, which always makes me squirm in my chair a little (damn you, double-pointed needles...), was a yarn-yard sale, where participant bring the yarns that they have in their stashes that they aren't in love with anymore (the relationship is over, it's time to move on... it's not you, it's me, and my patterns...) and sell them to other members.  Or, in my case, write "free to a good home" on the wrapper and force them into the hands of a knitter I just met.  What?  Those 3 skiens of silver sheen yarn had overstayed their welcome, and will make a very nice shawl for this woman's 30 year old goth cousin.

Anyways, I dug through my purse, bid farewell to my coffee money for the trip home, and became the proud owner of the coolest wool I've ever worked with.  It's non-synthetic, 100% wool from Patons, called "UpCountry".  What makes it even cooler is that it's discontinued.  Neet!  Ok, so the colour's not the greatest... it's kind of an old-teddy-bear grey/brown, but it's soft and fuzzy!  And, now that I've found the right pattern (see the squeeing above over ribbing, add some 10mm (read=huge) knitting needles lengthen it to scarf-like proportions), I know exactly who the recipient of the gift made from this yarn will be!

Problem: I was kinda thinking of felting it into a fashion scarf for someone fashionable.  it is kind of a tweed-ish colour... that didn't happen, so now I have to come up with something else for that person.

Other problem: the gift I'm making is for a person who is a part of a pair.  If I make for one, I have to make for the other.  I don't really know what I'm going to do for her.  I wasn't really planning on anything, and because she's a HUGE knitter, I don't know how I'm going to make something impressive.  She already does her own mitts and scarves and sweaters and such, and I can't make socks yet (again, stupid DPNs...)... I don't know... maybe a bunny?  She's not really the dinosaur type... Man, I rock at knitting dinosaurs.

So, with less than 12 days until Christmas (say WHA???), I"m going to knit.  I shall knit until my fingers bleed!  Well, that and shop.  I have just enough to get one of the only christmas presents I can't knit.

Oh, who am I kidding... I can't knit for everyone... I want to get non-knitted things for some people.  Oh, well.  Everyone starts the new year in the Red.  So, I'll be a deeper shade of red than usual.  Big deal.  :)

The cat, also, has lost her mind, and insists on licking my hand while I type.  I can only assume that this means that it is bed time.

Relly, when you're right, you're right.

G'night, g'night!
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