February 1, 2009


It`s February, the most rediculous month of the year. Everyone is miserable because of the cold and the snow and SAD, so some marketing nut came up with the brite idea of throwing a day into the middle of it to force people to get all schmultzy and love-drunk to distract them from their misary.

I don't know... I don't do valentines. I just don't get it, really... I much prefer little suprises and coffee and hugs than one day of sappy dribble.

So, it would figure that my significant other is a rediculous romantic. He decided that it would be best to do something for me on a day that is not valentines day, because it would be a nice gesture on any day to prove that he isn't made of stone (or purple velour and glitter, as we all once thought...), so he suprised me at work with roses, took me to a lovely dinner, and took me to a movie. All in all, a wonderful, real live "date", which was cool, because I'd never really had one before.

Thing is, I don't know what the hell to do now. I said (half-jokingly) that I was going to get him some Wii-points, get the girls out of the house and let him have the day in solitude to play videogames, but he said, though that would be cool, it wouldn't be romantic. I said I didn't want to do anything sappy and cheezey and hollywood... and he said that's exactly what he wanted.


So, I don't want to play copycat, taking him to dinner and a movie... and I thought about Red Lobster, but we'd never get reservations... I think I have a pretty cool dinner idea, but I don't think I can actually pull it off...But I don't know! What the hell do I do????

Anyways... There was a question posed tonight about valentines gifts, so I decided to answer that one, and a few others, right here for your enjoyment:

1. What would be the perfect valentines gift that you really want, but probably won't get?
A: A vacation to a tropical island... somewhere warm and sunny, in a resort with a fluffy bed and a spa and a massuse... where there are no laptops, no cell reception and all the fruity little coctails with umbrellas I can stand...And maybe my significant other can come to...

2. What would be a more realistic sweet gesture of affection?
A: Easy: Large Double Double and an everything bagle with low-fat cream cheese, and a warm body to snuggle with on the couch.

3. What's the best gift you've ever recieved on V-Day?
A: Dad used to get me, mom and Ash panzerottis every year. I miss it.

4. Worst valentines memory?
A: In highschool when the guy broke up with me... he didn't believe in the day.

5. Do you get valentines?
A: yes, from mom and Nan. I'm sure I'll get one from Relly this year...

That's really all I got. You can ask or answer questions in the comments. I'm having a moment of weakness and dreaming on TheKnot.com (old dreams, but good god, are the dresses and the invitations so pretty!) I'm not a "princess", but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate art!

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Tabetha said...

:) The knot is a nice little place to space out.

Well, give the man what he wants. Be the sappy romantic that he wants - just for that one day. Remember, it is as much February 14th, 2009 as it is Valentine's Day. We only apply the name Valentine's Day because of our culture. If you don't like the day, call it February 14th... and make it into one of many plain, old normal days that you can surprise your special someone with what he would like... romance and sappy love. :)

btw - not to sound mean, but you're a bonehead! You know that he's a romantic, yet your gift might have been to leave him alone - by himself- to play videogames on February 14th? ;)
Here's a secret - gamer guys LOVE it when you watch... just being there makes them happy! Rub backs, get food and liquids for them, give them "reasons" for breaks... sexual, sensual, or otherwise... :) Make a whole day of it. You'll be surprised how little gaming gets done OR how much you enjoy the company. Either way, you'll forget that it's valentine's day/February 14th... and it'll just be a special day that you relaxed and had a good time.

But - kick the girls out. That's a must. :)