January 18, 2009

Dear Past Me:

Hey Kid.

Listen, I know it`s hard. And I hate to say it, but things don`t become as euphoric as you want them to be, simply because life isn`t like that. But, things do get better. Kind of. I mean, things really do work out pretty much the way you want them to. And I need to tell you a couple of things, so that if you get the chance, you can make things easier for me.

1) Don`t worry about the popularity thing. Seriously, I know it`s a big deal, but you need to let it go. The kids in public school did more damage to you than you realize, and I know high school isn`t exactly much better, but trust me, by the time you`re done University (btw: college = way better), popularity doesn`t matter anymore... It`s not about who has the most friends and who wears the best clothes. It`s about who can get and keep a job longest.

2)You know all that stuff they told you about how Money isn`t everything? Yeah... Lies. Sorry, but it's the truth. Money is everything. Money is your life blood. Thing is, you can't spend it. Remember when you were working at Richardsons and you thought dad was going to kick you out so you figured out how much 3 months living expenses would cost? Yeah, you were WAY off on that one. $3000? More like $3000 a month. Your mom's going to get you a visa card. Put it in a plastic bag, then put the plastic bag in a tupperware bowl of water and put it in the freezer. Seriously. It'll get you into some serious trouble when your me.

3) Something really, really cool is going to happen right around when you turn 24. That whole love thing you were so worried about? No big deal. Seriously! You start to realize that being single doesn't mean being lonely. It's pretty awesome. The issue with this is that you start to let yourself go... wieght wize. Dont do that. You'll really, really regret it. you hit 160. I know. Just keep drinking LOTS of water, and try and stay off the couch a little.

Those are the big three for now. There are a lot of things I wish I could go back and change, but I can't, so you have to, ok?

Now, I'm going to keep working on this time machine............

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