November 5, 2008


I need to perfect this whole human cloning thing. 2 of me could be kept busy for hours. I still love my job, I promise... most of the time. But I need one of me to man the phone and deal with customers, and another of me to do the paperwork. That had to be how Bridget does it. I think she's actually 4 people.

Anyways, my Christmas spirit is holding strong. I'm looking forward to the weekend, when I can do a little shopping. I'm hanging on to it, like a piece of driftwook in the storm. I WILL Be merry, damnit, even if it kills me.

That's pretty much it, unfortunatly. I have about 6 hours of work ahead of me (before Nano...), and my brain's on it's last leg. Maybe food will bring me back.

I need to learn to make chicken in the slow cooker.

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J.D said...

1) Put chicken and mucho sauce of some kind in slow cooker (mucho so there's less chance of burninating.) For easiness, salsa is good.

2) Set on low. Walk away.

3) 4-6 hours later = done.

For a complete dinner, toss some canned beans in, and ad cooked rice at the end. Behold! Meal!