February 19, 2008

Epic Fail...

Before I say anything in this post, I will say right off that everyone is fine, just so you're not freaking out through the whole post.

As I was coming out of the Royal Bank today, I hit a patch of ice while on the parking lot heading out onto Stockdale (a small road behind the strip mall that Blockbuster is in, for those of you who know/remember north bay). I impacted another vehicle. I wasn't going very fast, so it wasn't enough to cause any major damage. We exchanged info, then went straight to the Reporting Station (the OPP station on Princess Ave). The woman I ran into had freaked a bit when it first happened, but when we got there, she said she was sorry for freaking, and I told her I didn't blame her at all, and I don't, of course. We both know that it wasn't anyone's fault. Her car wasn't "badly" damaged; her passenger side doors were dented, but that's really it. The Meepermobile was wounded, but still runs, and that's all I could really ask for.

Tomorrow, because I'm working the day shift, Mom is going to call the insurance company for me, as they're emailing them a copy of the accident report. I dont' know yet what the deductible is, but I'm hoping it's not huge, and that I can get my trusty Meeper repaired... It's mostly cosmetic damage, but still, it's a reminder of what happened.

Thing is, the Reporting office was full of people reporting collisions. Whether it was all from today, or partly from the crappy weather + stat holiday combo yesterday, I don't know. The officer I spoke to told me that another collision had happened in the same spot earlier that day, but because it's private property, there's nothing the city can do.

I'd like to remind all my readers to please go easy out there, even if it's a sunny day, especially in parking lots. Lord knows, I'm probably going to be hypervigilent for the next... while.

But again, we're all ok, aside from being a little spooked. Colleen (who, along with Craig, welcomed their new cat Mika home today) and Lia (Colleen's awesome friend from Toronto) did a wonderful job of keeping me calm, which most know is no easy task.

I'll keep people posted with what goes on, as far as insurance and the like goes. Right now, though, I'm going to take some Advil and lie down. Tomorrow will be another day in the NTH, and I need rest to be able to handle that.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're ok my dear. *loves*

And don't worry about Martha; I'm just fattening her a little bit. When she came in, she was too skinny to even be spayed safely, so they want to get her to that point. The clinic staff are morons though. Apparently they thought she was a male at first, but then decided that she, and I quote, "had too much orange on her to be a boy". WTF? 'Cause a look under the tail and the presence of nipples couldn't tell you she was female? Blargh . . .

I miss you too.