May 24, 2007

Well, that was unexpected...

So I got a phone call today from the Red Cross. I'll probably be volunteering with them about twice a week once I get back and settled.

I almost got a one year internship, but that was because of a typo on my part: This september is not 2008.

I almost got a Student Job for the summer, but it was the same rate and hours as the job I have.

So, I'm volunteering.

Plus, my supervisor at Richardsons threw a temp off the line and put me on it because she needed someone who could work the box erector "safetly and... properly".

God, I'm good.

Dear Richardson Foods:

You know you're fucked without me, right? K, just checking.
Love ya long time:

(P.S: tell Norampac that their boxes suck)

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Colleen said...

Is it just me or does box erector sound... so very you?

[Welcome to 2007]