May 14, 2007

Monday: No Word Yet...

I'm still hopeful.

I'm also bloated. Puffed up like a frickin balloon. It was almost worth it: the pizza, the fries, the panzarotti, the Fish n' Chips...The pop and Cake at Ivan's retirement party... But it hit me this morning like a mac truck to the intestines. So, after working all day, with only an apple, a banana and 2 cups of coffee in my system, I made the healthy choice and did a workout with Ash, then had rice for dinner. Rice with broccoli and cauliflower. and carrots. And mushrooms. Fiber overload. No I feel like my tummy is filled with... something heavy and expanding and icky.

Murr. Puff. Ick.

I hate the day shift.

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Beatrix said...

*happy thoughts and good vibes*