April 9, 2007

the quick and the tired

I head for home tomorrow. I'm making the drive by myself... I think this is the second time I've done that. kinda sorta nervous, but meh. I'll be alright.

I feel like I should say something. Something deep and profound. But I have that new song "Grace Kelly" by Mika stuck in my head, and all I want to do is dance around in a frilly dress with a tea-length skirt. God, I think the whimsical romantic in me finally woke up... only a few years too late, but that's ok. It makes the prospect of decorating my new place more bearable. I'm thinking a light, robin's egg blue kinda colour for the main area, and a really washed out yellow for the kitchen. According to House&Homes, the January 2007 edition with the designer horoscopes, Tauruses like me are in touch with the sun and sky this year, and should visit a mountain top. So, that's half the battle. For the other half, I suggest a road trip. Or, something. But yes, there will be colours that *pop* and dishes for the kitchen from the dollar store... you know, the ones that are one solid colour but are bright? Easily replaceable when I break stuff.

As for the other stuff, though I do like the idea of charging people... I think harsh honesty might be the way to go for some people. That way, they can choose to see me as a total bitch and stop asking me for free psychiatric consultation, but they can't say that I'm wrong. So, I win? I'm not sure. But it sounds good. Either that, or I have to start stockpiling copies of "He's Just Not That Into You".

You know, I should really read that sometime.

Ok, I'm gonna go dance around for a few minutes, then fall onto the couch in exhaustion. That's right, Ash came home tonight, so I get the couch. My bedroom got finished today, and since she still has my bed, and her bed hasn't been ordered yet, she gets my bed, and I get the couch. Which is cool... These couches are actually comfier than my bed up north.

Mmmm... Fluffy.

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Beatrix said...

Charge 'em!! You know you want to! Do it! Give in to peer pressure! :D