April 21, 2007

I'm Alive!

So, yes, I'm still here... Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've been too busy and too tired. Thanks to people who have reminded me of this little corner of the web over the last week, though!

So, I've been out with people almost all week, re-exploring the wonder that is the last week of a university career. It's kinda neat, actually... people are feeling the same anxieties and apprehensions as I was, and I get to look at what I've done, in comparison to what people will be doing.

I"m back in "Carrie" mode (Sex and the City), where I keep falling for the wrong guy. Shaun's vanished to placement, and my eyes have wandered back to Jason, who is another completely oblivious or uninterested option. But then, I discovered recently that all men are oblivious to their "fan-girls", until someone points it out, and usually then they have no clue what to do with that informations. I'd like it if someone pointed out my "Fan-Boys" to me, but I think they're few and far between as is...

So, I have a monsterous list of things to do today, because I've taken the last two days to do none of the things I need to do...

1)Laundry: I have no clean pants!
2)Dishes, before Mike kills me.
3)Pack more stuff for Gladstone: Ducky's been coerced into helping me move stuff tonight.
4)Presentation for Placement... Oh boy...*BIG*
5)Packing more stuff/Throwing out old stuff I don't need/going through my clothes and getting rid f the ones I don't wear.
6)Dev's hosting a DrunkenScriptFrenzy tonight, and I'm looking at maybe creating some more shorts, fiction, and working on the above project. Should be interesting. Also, I should
7) go to the beer store. COORS!! What can I say, I'm a silver bullet girl. Right ladies? ;)

So, I'll probably post more sooner than a week from now. Right now, there is work to be done!

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