February 20, 2007

Warming up


Brrrr.... I don't know what it is... It isn't even that cold outside. It's been a lot colder. It's just tonight... I can't shake it. I'm frozen through. So, I made some oatmeal and some tea, and hopefully that will warm me up before bed. I'm probably going to lie down, read over the notes from placement, and then pretend the world doesn't exist. That hell week is over, that both shows are done, that I'm out on placement with a hope in hell of getting a job, and that heat actually radiated from the sun.

The cabin fever thing I mentioned before? Yeah, getting worse. I actually CLEANED today. No, seriously. Like, my desk is cleaned off. Like, there's actual floor space now. I did laundry and dishes. And then I wrote out my inner monologue for 20 minutes on IRC, even though I knew no one was there.

I think I need out. I think I need a drink and a neck rub. And Chocolate. And real Grecco's pizza. And a warm breeze. A soak in a hot bath. A sauna. Hot Stone Massage. By Hot...never mind. I should stop calling him that... there's actually a chance he might read this. He said he "realized I had a blog" the other day... I don't know what that means.

But...Shaun, if you really read this, I'd settle for a Chai tea (you'll just have to deal with me calling them Chai-Chai's, and potentially doing the Chai-Chai dance...). And cheesecake. The New York kind. With raspberries....TWIGGS!!!! You mentioned it the other day, and I had a nostalgia moment. I might have to round up a posse.

And now my mom's telling me that things start to fall apart when you're 30. Now I'm going to have to bring her to a Soc class...

I feel like I"m going to explode. Combust.... Little pieces everywhere.

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