February 26, 2007


I've been feeling a little jittery for the last few days. See, at the end of last week, my headphones broke. Not in the typical "one side doesn't work anymore" way, more in the "wait, neither sides are working... maybe I'll look at the connecting bit and see why... oh, that's not good..." kinda way. The wires and the connector actually... seperated. Into 2 pieces. Yeah, I was not so much impressed. Though, I must say that for cheap, DollarStore headphones, the fact that they've lasted this long is pretty impressive.

So, Though I can still watch videos on YouTube and listen to music without them, and without any complaints from my roomates (who do the same thing all the time), I can't listen to music when I go to bed. Sleeping without music means that I actually think before I fall asleep, and, contrary to popular belief, this is NOT a good thing.

Last night, I couldn't get to sleep until I'd recited my monologue from memory. Then when I was trying to get to sleep, I started thinking about different things I need to do, and how close the shows are, all 10 billion of them... I lie, there's only 2 VMs, and 3 IOBEs, but still, they're close. And after reading week, there's a Hell Week Redux, with more assignments and tests. Plus, I'm going home this weekend, so that's awesome, but I started thinking about packing, adn what I need to pack, and what I'm out of, and how much I'd love to have my headphones right about NOW!!!! It didn't help so much with the sleeping.

I really should just go to the dollar store and get more. But that requires me leaving my warm room and going to the bank, and getting money. And to do that means that I'd probably have to get gas in the next few days. I heard that this morning gas prices hit $1.03 in some areas, and I've decided that unnecessary trips will be avoided for the next few days.

I did, however, cook for the week. I made soup and threw in some canned potatoes (I know... I'm lazy) and an over-ripe tomato. I had to use it up, but I was out of bread, and couldn't think of another use for it. I also made a pot of pasta. I didn't mix them together, I figured I could do that after. Why the cooking? I figure that the rest of this week, and into next week, are not going to be fun. I know tomorrow will be a day for quick food then out the door, as I have interviewing until 5:30 and rehearsal at 9:30. I still don't know if I will come home between, but after today, I've sworn off Cafeteria food. For Lent.*

*No, I'm not Catholic, and no, I don't really celebrate lent, but I know that by doing this, and following through on it, I'm going to beat out 300-400 devout Catholics who are going to hate themselves for being beaten by a heratic, and you have no idea how much I love the thought of one-upping organized religion. Also: cafeteria food is unhealthy and expensive.

If I do wind up going to the dollar store tomorrow, I'll get some more cupcake pans. I'll do some baking tomorrow to use up the leftover bake sale ingredients I have squirreled away. I didn't know that flour was mine! I swear!! Actually, I'm not sure it is... Either way... I'm also thinking I should finally cook that apple pie I've been clinging to... it's time to let go. Get a new Pie. Start fresh!

So, this means that I may have to have people over. I don't know when... That's the problem. I can't, really before the play on Wednesday, or after rehearsal that night. Or after interviewing on Thursday... Or after rehearsal that night. Well, I could, but it would be 11:30pm before I got home, and people have 8:30am classes... or so I'm told.

But...But...But... I have to get rid of all this excess food! I mean, I can't just keep hanging on to it... even frozen stuff goes off eventually. But I want to enjoy it with people. I want to have treats and tea and watch MirrorMask and Pan's Laborinth and... other Rock-Awesome movies.

I want to LIVE!!! Won't you let me LIVE!?!?!

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Beatrix said...

I like food . . . You name the date and time, and I'll bring . . . something. Seriously. We both need some time that's not devoted to theatre or school, but we also need that time to be spent doing something other than hiding in our respective rooms and spending excessive amounts of time online.