February 25, 2007


Sometimes, I just forget. Like, if I get distracted by something else, I'll forget that I have water in the sink... Dishes in the water, waiting to be washed... I just forget. It doesn't even have to be something particularly pressing... just something else. So, that's why I forget. It's not really a big deal, it just happens. It doesn't mean I'm a bad person, it just means that I'm scatterbrained. And lets face it, we all knew that already. Right? Right. So, no harm, no foul.

I miss painting. I'm not really any good at it. I always try to make pictures that look like pictures, and that never seems to work for me. But sometimes, scrolls and swoops and disjointed tree branches come into focus, and I'd like to paint them.

Carrots and Beans and rice, rice, rice... No wonder I've been so tired lately.

We used to have this air-popper for popcorn. One of the ones that look like an upside-down checkmark that you can melt butter in the top of. I used to love that thing. Popcorn hasn't been the same since. Now I like it best when it's burnt.

I need people to help me run lines, all of this week, next week till Thursday night, and all of the week after. Anyone who can help, please let me know.


Beatrix said...

Come hang out with me at the booth, and I'll help ya. ;) (Huzzah for bribes)

Mike said...

Hey! Why are the dishes all soggy!?! It's like someone left them in water overnigh-......oh....ok. Hmmmmm. Payback......sweet, delicious, DRY, payback will be mine......


Mike said...

Oh yah....you do realize there is a rice cooker in the kitchen, right? 2 cups of rice. 500 ml of water. Walk away. That easy.

Toodles! (redux)