February 15, 2007

Just another Day... ?

So, nothing really extravagant happened today. No huge surprises or shotgun weddings... Just another day, really.

Started out kinda icky... I made a point of sleeping in, because I felt icky. Laid in the sun (I call this my lizard-on-rock time) for about a half hour, went to the school to hand in a paper, got a test back (23/25!!) came home... And then I got a bizarre valentine...

Shaun came over. For about an hour. He stopped in just to pick up the notes from class, but wound up staying for tea. We talked about... well, the usual philosophical "we're cool and know what we're talking about" bologna that we usually talk about. It was nice to just chat with someone new and different for a while. Someone who hasn't heard all my stories yet...

Anyways, then I went to rehearsal, and got another valentine, though this one was more creepy than anything... Flowers from Sarah V. Flowers that Sarah V. got from her stalker ex-boyfriend who apparently now knows where she lives. Creepy. Also, I wrote poetry on the cover of my script. It's actually not bad.

So, yeah... just another day.

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