October 16, 2006


See the word? That word up there that I've created? That word describes my mood right now. Nonesensical. And Strange. And Gerblabish.

I've been in a strange mood today. I don't really know why, though I suspect it has something to do with too much caffiene. I don't want to settle, but I want to sit somewhere and be calm. And I want to be surrounded by people. And a puppy. WitchHazel's Puppy (a velocaraptor)... I think he would best know where I'm coming from. Besides, nothing says a good time like a Velocaraptor at your side.


Anyways, I got a ride up to the school this morning with some of the girls from Com. Org., and upon arriving at the campus, we noticed something strange. 2 pregnancy tests, smashed up a bit, in the parking lot. Ick.

Then, upon talking to my friend Jess who lives on Canadore Rez, I found out that someone is being kicked out of Rez today for Pulling a KNIFE and threatening to stab someone.

Uh, suddenly I have the screaming, raging urge to lock all of my doors and start carrying Mace in my purse.

What the HELL is going on?!?! I mean, seriously, this is getting rediculous. I mean, maybe it's because I have a bigger group of people around me now, so I'm hearing more stories... But it really seems that people are getting worse.

Note: I did say PEOPLE. A single person isn't necessarily a bad thing. Nor is a small, sober group. But when you through a group of bored, broke people together with alcohol and shake... Well, Group generally equals Stupid.

Enough of that. I really shouldn't be getting all up in arms about this... I mean, really, It's not my problem. I live in a nice house, that's FINALLY getting new windows (though, the guys walking around on the scaffolding outside my bedroom window is a little unnerving...), and I'm not really a first year anymore. I don't live on Rez, I don't hang with Idiots (loonies, but not Idiots). But it bothers me that other people are vandalizing MY SCHOOLS (plural! Wee!)

So, tonight, there will be a generous amount of grocery shopping, after work, with Sarah and Larkin. Then there will be Firefly. Hilarity will ensue.

Oh, and for those of you who didn't get the email, We're going Halloween costume hunting on Friday night at 6pm. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome... Just email me or Sarah or post in the comments so we know how many are coming. Same goes for the party... It'll probably be at either The Moose, or Partners, on Friday the 28th. You must be dressed in full costume and regalia. Hee hee... And some little voice in my head says that the after-party might infact be here. And that voice terrifies me just a little bit.

There are Daemons in our Walls, you know.

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