September 19, 2006

Captain's Log:

Ahoy! Yar, me scurvy scallywags, it be Talk like a Pirate Day! Avast, scoundrals, Har Har!

...That's about it. Sorry... I don't really speak pirate. It's sad, I know...

Again, nothing big really happened today. Well, I'm sure something did, I'm just tired, and don't feel like rehashing the day.

I'm actually not feeling that well. Not in a "Virus" or "Plague" type sense, more in a quasi-dehydrated/overtired sense. Ugh. Drag, Drag, Drag...

I'm building a character for Sarah's BigGame night on Sunday. Right now, She's a 9th level Rogue, 3rd level Shadow Dancer, and a con artist of some sort. She's gonna be fun.

The Rebuilt Guys are coming tomorrow morning, and the Window/Siding people may or may not start tomorrow. That'll be exciting! New pretty windows, warmer room in the winter... All good in my books. Plus, tomorrow is the first SIAD meeting of the year, and it's the first day of CLUB DAYS!! Yay!

I've gotta start updating earlier in the day... this late-ish before bed stuff is starting to be a drain.


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