August 8, 2006

Sweet Fancy Moses!

2 posts in one week? Craziness! Next day posting - It's the wave of the future!

Yes, I realize that it's 9.30 am, and I really don't have to be awake for another 2 hours. I'd like to say that I got up early for some great driving purpose, but it was, in fact, for the purpose of driving. Ash left her keys in Josh's car, so I had to drive her out to Granton. On the + side, I got to meet baby Jack. He's a cutie, and a total flirt. Big Blue eyes.

But now, I'm home, with my Brown eyed baby flirt, Ms. Theadora Von Ruxpin. That dog is the biggest attention whore since...well, me. She learned from the best, I guess.

I had a really annoying dream last night. In the dream, I didn 't pass/complete one of my courses at Nip, so I had to drop out of Canadore to take one course at the University. I tried to convince the admins that I could complete Kid Lit (the course I didn't complete because I didn't hand in a report on...The velveteen Rabbit? Or maybe it was Corderoy bear...) AND go to Canadore at the same time, but you can't be registered in two places at once. I had to pay full tuition at both places, and since I couldn't afford it, I dropped out and had to work at Richardsons. I know it's wierd, but when I woke up, I honestly couldn't remember if I had passed Kid lit, so I checked the grades on my transcript. Talk about Paranoia: they wouldn't have let me graduate if I hadn't finished the course...

So now, I"m up. I'm checking up on my fellow bloggers (that's right, I know where you post!), then checking the networks to see when shows are starting. Mom said that Prison Break starts Aug. 21, but I have no intrest in actually watching it, except to figure out who the hell the FBI agent is... I know I've seen him somewhere else, but I can't remember his name. I think Criminal Minds isn't starting until September 20th, but I could be wrong. House will likely start late September, and I'm not too concerned about Law & Order yet: I think I'm good just watching it in Re-runs for now. There's just way too many seasons/series for me to actually get a hold of without simply buying them all on DVD, and that's just way, way too expensive. Besides, if I'm going to buy anything on DVD, it's going to be Season 1 of Criminal Minds, just for the Extra Features. And seasons 1&2 of Hell's Kitchen.

Speaking of HK, WTF?!? What the Hell is Virginia doing in the top 2? she shouldn't have made it past the top 5! And, for the record, Kieth was absolutly right... Ramsey's probably boinking her between takes. Of course, aparently she's married, and one of the reporters blows that whistle on the next show, so I"m sure things will be sticky for her after that. There's no doubt in my mind that Heather will win at this point. If Virgina wins, I'll drive down to Vegas and bitch-slap her myself!

Not that I'm like that or anything...

I've finished reading the Devil Wears Prada. meh. I wouldn't read it again. Sorry, but the ending just... it didn't do it for me. I mean, I could write a short story for Seventeen Magazine, and I've never worked at a high end fashion mag. In fact, given the way things are going, I"m relativly certain that anyone who can still hold a pen would be given $500 and a guarenteed publishing deal at this point. Stupid prostitots. Whoa, where did that come from? Anyways...

Now I'm on to I Know This Much Is True. It's about twin brothers, one your average, work-a-day house painter, the other a paranoid schizophrenic who cuts off his own hand in the middle of a public library because God told him that that was the only way to stop a war. And that's all in the first Chapter. It isn't too bad thus far, but the book's a brick, and I probably won't finish it before I go back, which is unfortunate. I wanted to read the books I got Ash for her birdday, now that she's finished them. Running with Scizzors and Glass Castle, incase you were wondering. Plus, I still have My Friend Lenard, The once and Future King, a stack of Jane Austen novels as tall as me, 100 more Harry Potter books (ok, just 4 right now...) And Mom's In the Garden trilogy from Nora Roberts. Plus, I'd LOVE to get my hands on the Black Trillium series. I read bits of Black Trillium when I was a kid, but I think I'd appreciate it more now.

I'm packing a few things up this week. The ultimate goal is to take no more than 4 totes this time. I keep carting back and forth a bunch of decorative stuff I don't really need. And a lot of clothes that I never actually wear. I think that's more than half of my "clutter" problem. I have 2 bedrooms, and both of them are full at all times. GAH. However, this time, the Northern room will see the addition of Bookshelves (thank GOD), a large pin board and a wipe board. That saves me writing things all over my mirror, especially since I've got it in my head that I can get by on a bank of drawers and a full-length mirror. Don't worry, Mike, no yard sales will be involved in removing the excess from your basement, just a big Good Will truck. Mom's covering the replacement cost!

I guess I should mention that I"m thinking about (read: nothing is definate yet) coming back on Monday Aug. 28th. Mom and I (and possibly Ash) will drive up and she/they will bus it home on Tuesday night. I know for sure that it will be sometime that week, I'm just too lazy to really dig in and hammer out the details yet. I'm actually dragging my ass on it abit, but only because I would kinda like to have a summer holiday before I start back into the school thing, and as of right now, I don't really get one.

Why does it always feel like a mass exodus everytime I have to go somewhere. Everything is NOW NOW GO GO GO NOW!!!!!!!11!1!! I mean, god, Chill people!

So, that's the happening in my head right now. Alongside a little voice screaming "why the hell are you awake right now?"

I don't know either.

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