July 29, 2006

Nothing new is going on, but I'm waiting for some tunes to download, so I figured I'd post.

I'm reading "The Devil Wears Prada" because I couldn't decide if I really wanted to see the movie or not. It's wierd: I didn't really like it at first, and it's still not that intellectually stimulating, but I can't put it down. It's like a bad smell that you just have to keep smelling because you can't believe that it really smells that bad. I keep waiting for something redeeming to happen, and I'm more than half way done, so something someone should get their comeuppants soon, or else I'm writing the whole thing off as a waste of literary talent.

I haven't gotten chance to read any Jane Austen yet; haven't been shopping recently. Sorry Sarah. I'll probably get chance to pick up some of the books before I come back, so maybe I'll catch up with you at some point. I get the feeling that I'll have a lot more time for reading this year. And if not, I'll make time.

I've been thinking about Nanowrimo recently. I know, I know... I'm insane. But I think this time I'd like to get a head start on it, maybe write an outline or something. One of these times, I'd actually like to finish those 50 000 words. I can't really decide what I want to do. I've had an idea in my head for a while now about a cheezy romance novel I could easily sell to Harliquin, and it would be a nice, easy, fluffy thing to do incase of a November crunch, but at the same time, Cold Hard Blues still isn't done. I've edited it more than added anything new, but I'd still kinda like to see how it pans out. I think once Sin City 2 comes out, I'll be more inspired ( is written in the "style" of Sin City, very gritty, lots of delicious cliches... all that good stuff).

I still haven't seen Clerks II. I really, really want to, but I think I should probably watch Clerks first... Maybe I should actually watch all those movies sometime. I actually haven't been to the movies in a really long time. I think the last rental I watched was Dawn of the Dead, the remake... which I'd like to see again, even though I had nightmares for weeks. I have a love/hate relationship with Zombies. But really, doesen't everyone?

Summer's almost over. I know that there's basically a whole month left, but it still feels like it's coming to a quick close. It's making me very, very nervous. How are people (a few specific people, actually) going to react once I come back up North? Will this year be as screwed up as last year, or will I finally get something a little less chaotic in my cards? Will anyone come to my Christmas party this year? (for the record, I will be having one, it will be black tie, and if people don't show, they're all getting rusted spoons up their stockings...) Will we finally get to play D&D and Magic again, or will everyone just be too busy? I don't even know if I'm going to be working this time around. I'm pretty sure if I am, it won't be at the Lucky... I'd almost like to try my hand at the bar scene, just for something different. And where will I travel this time? Sudbury was fun, and Timmins was... well, it was Timmins. Maybe a weekend in Toronto this time, or Ottawa? I wouldn't mind a road-trip, now that I've accepted the fact that the price of gas is going nowhere but up, and the fact that I need to get out more.

Why the hell am I downloading "Hips Don't Lie"? or ANYTHING by Shakira for that matter? The woman can't sing in english, and anyone with proper training can wiggle like that. God. She sounds like a trumpet with a head cold. But, on the Up side, I've discovered that I actually really like Jonny Cash. I never really did before, but something in "God's gonna cutcha down" really gets to me. There's actually a lot of stuff on the radio right now that I'm getting into... Panic! at the Disco, Dashboard Confessionals, KT Tunstell, James Blundt... And I really like P!nk's new album. Thank GOD there's a voice in my generation who sings about more than bling and booze and silly little emo boys. Oh, and by the way, Simple Plan, get over it. We're all sick of listening to you Bitch.

I want to get my computer reformatted. It needs to be cleared out and scraped out and polished to a shiney-clean finish. I need to figure out how the hell to burn TV shows so I can clear off last-seasons House and Criminal Minds to make room for the new stuff. I'm actually drooling with anticipation over the new seasons of... well anything. Even the O.C., because they FINALLY killed off Marissa. Maybe we'll finally have an episode where a spoilt rich brat doesn't cry.

Well, I'm entering into a week of pure misery. I'm on the Days shift (fuck) with the bitchy, power-hungry, rip-your-eyes-out-because-you-were-.75-seconds-late-from-break supervisor (fuck me), it's "that week" (fuck me sideways), AND I'll be in the last withdrawl as I stop taking the effexor alltogether (fuck me sideways with a wire brush). But that's ok, becuase it's the long weekend, and I'll finally get chance to try the detox I've been planning since June. Don't worry, it's just a liquid diet that gives my body a chance to purge the excess crap I've ingested in the last few months (Xanthan Gum (which isn't gum at all...), perservatives, acids, mustards in various states, starches, chemicals that you really shouldn't be breathing in... not to metion the stuff I eat...), and rid my system of the drugs. Hopefully that will re-set my body to something a bit healthier than where I'm at. I'm already taking a coctail of supliments and vitamins every night, but I don't think they'll be effective unless they can be properly absorbed. And, yes, I'd like to be able to fit into at least one pair of jeans from last year, but that will just be a pleasent, welcome side effect.

Speaking of Jeans, I've found a pair that I MUST have. They're from Sears (yeah, I know, but at least they're relativly cheap...), Nevada's, boot-cut leg (no clinging on the thighs then flairing below the knee, these flair a little bit all the way down), nice and dark with a eensy-teensy bit of stretch. God, I want to go shopping. I blame my sister for this, her and her "What NOT To Wear" Marathons... She's threatened to nominate me for that show more than once. BUT, this year, I have some extra cash, what with OSAP covering my tuition and (if I can convince mom to give me some of the leftover) books, and whats left going into some GIC thing that I can't touch (in mom's name, of course... ), my $5000 will be MINE... after about $400 I owe to Mike, but that's one paycheque.

I've been thinking about what I'd do if I won the million, and realized that most of this I could probably do anyways. Not now, of course, but over the course of my life. Some of it now. Wanna see? Ok...Listed in order of priority:

1) Throw out ALL of my socks and underware. Buy new ones. And nice bras that fit.

2) Buy a real, honest to god bookshelf. Or two. Actually, I'm going to do that this year, because mom's convinced I need to get rid of most of the furnature in my room becuase it's too big and messing with my psyche or something. So, really, I want a proper desk, 2 bookshelves (one for either side), a full-length mirror and a bank of drawers. Like Rez, only stylized. And a new mattress, and a MOTHERLOAD of fluffy pillows. The bed stays though. I'll be in a double till I"m 30.

3) Have 3 months living expenses stashed away somewhere. In cash. I've been watching way too much of Oprah's Debit Diet and listening to Dad's consipracy theories, but I think it's still a good plan.

4)Create a wardrobe containing at least 5 sets of clothing that I can either throw on in 30 seconds with the lights off that I know will look good, or pack in under 5 minutes. Kinda like a Sim; just open the closet, spin around and be dressed. And, I'd like to have SOMETHING that resembles formal wear that comes either as a suit, or in dress form.

5) Pay off ALL of my student loans in one fell swoop (obviously this will be done once I'm actually finished school, but...)

6) Pay back Mom and Dad for the money the spent on Barbizan and my first 2-3 years at Nip.

7) Totally Amp-up my computer. Web Cam, one of those programs that types while you talk, a real digital camera, Huge space expansions, mini-speaker towers... Pimped out, yo.

8) I'd like to go on a trip somewhere. A real trip, like to New York, Miami or Vegas (the CSI destinations...) or Los Angelese or San Fransisco. I don't know about overseas right now, but if things get a bit less messy, I'd like to see England, Japan, Greece and Madrid.

9) Go to a concert. A real concert that isn't part of "Frosh Mosh" or "Dinner and a Show". We're talkin Bon Jovi, U2, Bareaked Ladies, Peter Frampton... I don't know... something bigger than The Trews Unplugged and Bedouin Soundclash. Though, I'd love to see Sarah Slean again...

10) Spa weekend. Need I say more?

11) I'd spread a lot of my "winnings" around to charities. Red Cross (though, for what I understand, their administration is a little shady), Humaine Society, Amnesty International, Make a Wish foundation, all sorts of children's charities and shelters... There's no reason that I should have excess while others lack.

12) I'd buy a car. I'll totally keep the meeper mobile until it retires, but I'll be needing new wheels eventually.

Downloads Complete! Wicked.

Alright, I'm off to bed. No decisions yet on when I'm coming back, but once I know something, I'll post. Hope everyone's well, and thanks for reading my late-night rantings.

Oh, and Quote of the Night: "I'll dip my cookie in your tears." -Rodger, American Dad

hee hee hee...


Melissa said...

I really liked "Devil Wears Prada" it was a great throw-your-mind-out-the-window-and-have-fun book... But DO NOT see the movie! yes Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway are fun and cute and blah blah blah... but I swear the screen writer never read the book! He just called up the author and said "Hey yea, I need to write a movie, your book title sounds fun, what's it about?...Super, I'll have a screenplay in 2.5 seconds"... It was disappointing! :(

Anyway... I'm glad to hear that things are getting back to a relatively normal status in your life and i can't wait to see you in September.

Beatrix said...

Well, you can borrow most of the Kevin Smith films from me, I own a few and I'm always happy to lend. As for the zombies, lemme take care of that. We'll watch some evil Dead. After that, zombies just aren't frightening anymore. Remember: it's not dead 'till you cut off it's head.

You seem a bit better than the last time you posted, which is good. (Or you're good at hiding things. :P) Take care of yourself, we need you back alive and well in the fall. ^_^